If you get a call from someone who says they're from Microsoft and tell you your computer has a problem - HANG UP ON THEM - IT'S A SCAM!  

NEVER give out information about your passwords, be it for your computer, credit card, bank PIN numbers or anything.  Reputable companies will never ask for your password information.


Sometimes your computer 'saves' web pages that you view - it's known as caching.  This is very handy because the next time you view that page it loads quickly.  However, if the page content changes since last you viewed it, the cached page may not show it (depending on your settings).  To be sure you are looking at the latest, just click the Function Key F5 (found on the top row of your keyboard) and the page will reload correctly.


Highlight the email in the list and press <Ctrl+Q>.  


How to save a shortcut to your desktop - the images above are showing a Chrome Browser. It will look ever so slightly different on other browsers but the instructions are the same.