Operation of the Bar

Note: If you are at the Bar at any time, please ask the Duty Manager to give you a run-through of all the procedures for when you may be on duty, or you can pre-arrange a time for this.  

  1. No later than 2:30pm turn on the IceMaker at the wall.  (Ice takes about 40 minutes to make).  Use the scoop to take ice from it either to a bowl (Cupboard C) or straight from the IceMaker to the required drink.
  2. At 4:30pm turn on the Glass Washer at the wall (check that the drain plug is in!). Turn the power switch on the Washer and it will fill and heat.
  3. Take black key from top drawer and put into cash register and turn the key to REG. Place the float money into the appropriate compartments in the cash register.
  4. Put the Bar Manager and Duty Managers' names into the display slide.
  5. Put Price/Menu lists and coasters on all tables.
  6. Cut up one lemon for drinks etc. and put on a plate.
  7. Unlock both doors of the drinks Chiller Cabinet (bottom locks only).
  8. Take spirit bottles out of Cupboard A and clip onto dispenser brackets.
  9. Place all the red wine bottles on the bench to the left of the cash register and put potato chips and peanuts (Cupboard B) on bar top.
  10. Place Price List beside the register for your own use.
  11. A Food Menu must be on display on the bar top.
  12. Put the Visitors' Book on top of the Bar counter near the cash register and ensure any visitors are signed in by a resident.
  13. Put a glass washer tray onto a plastic lid on top of the kitchen area servery so that patrons can put their dirty glasses (upside down) here.

Closing Down the Bar

  1. The bell should be rung about 10 minutes before closing time (currently 5pm) so that patrons have time for last orders.
  2. After the last drink has been paid for, turn the key on the cash register to Z and press CASH to run the paper readout for the day's sales. Put all money into the plastic bag(s) provided and lock in Cupboard A.
  3. Put all cold drinks into the Chiller and lock both doors. Put red wines and all the spirit bottles into Cupboard A. (See instructions below for removing spirit bottles).
  4. Put glasses into Washer (see detail sheet on side of Fridge).
  5. Press the Emptying button on the glass washer. When drained and the drain plugs are replaced, turn off at the wall and release both Switches A and B.
  6. Wipe down tables and run the red sweeper over the floor.
  7. Take coasters, price lists/menus from tables, and take signs down and put all back in the drawers.  
  8. Check all doors and cupboards are locked before leaving.

Thank you for your assistance with running the Bar.

How to Remove Spirit Bottles from Dispenser Rack

The bottles are removed with the dispenser units intact.  To do this:

  • Use the aluminium strip (in top drawer) and slide this down behind each holder, while at the same time gently pushing up the complete unit.
  • Voila - off they come!
  • Place the bottles into Cupboard A.