What Do we Do?

The Residents’ Association acts on behalf of residents in liaising with management to ensure that maintenance and day-to-day activities that affect our lifestyle are carried out to the satisfaction of all residents.  We are an incorporated society and a copy of our constitution is available on request.

The committee works in partnership with management and has regular meetings to discuss current changes, budget, long-term maintenance and any other problems that arise.  If you have a problem this is the process you should follow:

  1. Complete a feedback form at Reception.  This ensures that the issue is logged and that you will receive some follow-up.
  2. If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, or if you feel uncomfortable pursuing the matter with management then the committee would be happy to intervene on your behalf.
  3. Write a note to the Secretary, or approach any member of the committee.  Contact details for your Committee are on the noticeboard and also on the Committee page of this website.

There are innumerable activities that are held within the Village, and nearly all of these are organised and convened by volunteers and Focus Groups.  You will find information around these activities on the noticeboard outside the Mail Room and also in the Monthly Calendar supplied and distributed by the Residents' Association.

Social events and other amenities, e.g. the Library, are supported and funded by the Residents’ Association with some additional funding by management.  There is a Social Sub-Committee responsible for organising most of the social events held within the village.

Who belongs to this Association

Every resident is automatically a member of the Residents' Association.  There is no fee to belong to the Residents' Association.  If any resident does not wish to belong then they can just write a note of resignation to the Secretary and pop it into Mailbox D205.

Who is on the Committee

The Residents Association holds elections every year in May.  Residents are currently represented by the following people: